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Helpful websites

Organizing Resources

  • For additional information on organizing and organizers, visit the website of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

  • There are several sources for ordering organizing supplies on line. Online is perhaps my favorite. They offer a plethora of organizing resources -- over 3000 of them! They also have discussion boards, newsletters, and items on sale every month.

  • To reduce the onslaught of unwanted telemarketing calls, sign up with the National Do Not Call Registry at

  • To reduce the onslaught of catalogs (and the temptation to shop, thus adding to your clutter), call the 800 numbers on the catalogs and ask that you be removed from their mailing list. Or, if you prefer to operate online, register with the free service, and select which catalogs you no longer wish to receive.

  • Recycling and Donating

    At one point, I listed a number of websites here for various recycling issues, from computers to running shoes. But URLs come and go, and I'd rather play with my chickens than put in the time to stay current with online resources. Lucky for both of us, my colleague Jeri Dansky has an amazingly resourceful blog called Jeri's Organizing and Decluttering News. On it she shares over 100 posts on donating and recycling. Jeri is amazing so, rather than try to duplicate her superb online research skills here, I point you to the section of her blog that deals with keeping our discards out of the landfill. Please visit her at

  • A great article, entitled How to Recycle Practically Anything (by Sally Deneen), can be found at

  • For donations within Humboldt County, especially in the Eureka/Arcata area, please consider donating to SCRAP Humboldt. They are a wonderful resource for artists, teachers, and other creative sorts.

  • Of course, there are the two by-now classics, and

  • Conscious (non?)Consumption

  • If you are interested in environmentally and socially responsible items, either for yourself or as gifts, visit They carry a number of products, including supplies for your home, garden, pets, and spa. They also have jewelry, tea, cosmetics, and baby gifts.

  • Or, go to the Fair Trade Federation's list of on-line Fair Trade catalogs at

  • puts out a weekly online newsletter called Organic Bytes.

  • And then there is The Compact, where members vow not to buy anything new (with a few personalized exceptions) for a year (or less, or more):

  • And for a good time, call... Seriously, I want to plug my favorite rafting company, Redwoods and Rivers Rafting. Please visit their website at



    last updated on August 19, 2015